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Hiring Developers is Like Dating

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Hiring developers feels like a bad dating game. This is especially true when you are looking for contractors. Even though there are ‘plenty of fish’ in the sea (on oDesk) it always seems like all the good ones are taken. So you have to go about investing time and money on lots of ‘dates’ until you find someone that works. Not to mention the ‘one night stand’ projects where even though the business is done in short order you’re always left with that awkward morning after conversation …. ‘ya, I may have some more projects coming up soon, I’ll let you know’.

Then, once you find a good one, they tend to be expensive to keep happy unless you are really sexy (insert cool startup company of the week here) or an established alpha (see Google/Facebook/etc). But, I have found a few tricks to helping retain good help including:

1. Provide lots of feedback – include both the good and the bad – then set new goals
2. Keep them busy – Idle hands are the tools of devil
3. Include at least a few really interesting and challenging projects
4. Keep your eyes and ears open to potential warning signs that your developer may be unsatisfied
5. Forge a personal relationships – friendships and a happy work environment are a huge boost to loyalty


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August 27, 2010 at 6:27 pm

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