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DMV.com’s New Clothes

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So we just released the new look DMV.com and I must say that it looks pretty awesome. First off, let me shout out to Nik and Mihai for the excellent development and design work respectively. Secondly I want to quickly list some of the cool new things that come along with the site:

  1. New Logo – A patriotic theme with nice imagery of the flag that doubles as a road
  2. New header design
  3. Integrated CSS slider that really looks great
  4. New color scheme
  5. Updated fonts
  6. New layouts for homepage and state homepages
  7. Increased visibility and improvement of right column text ads
  8. Increased use of icons
  9. Top level navigation
  10. Reduction of confusing wiki controls

Also in the works is a new more easy to understand navigation scheme which I hope to have in place in the next two weeks. So for now I suggest you stop reading my blog and go admire my changes to everyone’s favorite DMV Guide.


Written by jpzeni

February 4, 2010 at 8:20 pm

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