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The Wiserhood – Give it an A

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There’s a lot to like about the Wisers – ‘Wiserhood – The Society of Uncompromising Men’ campaign. It is a complete campaign that is more than just good advertising – it has the underlying marketing message is spot on. Here are my thoughts:

Greate messaging. Simply put – the Wiserhood is inviting you to be part of a fraternity where the values are derived from the traditions of manhood and alpha male behaviour. Anything that can provide access to these values are magnetic to a man in his formative years.

Great targeting – This campaign is NOTĀ  just the generic ’19 – 35yr old male beer commercial’ shlop. In my view, the campaign accurately sub targets a more mature (say 26+ audience) with messaging that resonates with their current life situations and by building scenes around mature themes such as Gerry Dee’s live-in/marital relationship and the responsibility of cutting a turkey. These are things which are not normally the purview of the pre-mid/late twenty year-old and differentiate Wisers from the plethora of brands competing with for the younger crowd with inane party/club/bar/beach sequences.

Further, the settings add to the sense of maturity through the use of old-fashioned wood panelling and the formality of decor. Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of some classic crown molding (though not so much with the wood panelling) and I’d say the ad team has done a great job creating not only a sense of maturity but have projected a classic, slightly upscale image upon the brand.

Throw in some solid humour to put this campaign over the top. The mustache episode (seen above) is my personal favorite. The excellent use of metaphor creates the perfect double entendre. Metaphor is used in a lot of commercials to create a lofty comparison for a normally mundane product so what makes this spot different is a. the double entendre and b. the mustache. Dropping a timely double entendreĀ  is to wit what a posterizing dunk is to basketball – Spectacular and rare, so when you get one – take a picture of it and frame it on your wall. And, the mustache … those who wear it regularly and are under 40 are truly uncompromising. To top it off the commercial is finished perfectly by the actor with some real pride that stays short of haughtiness.

The only major beef I have with this campaign is the Gerry Dee episode. I typically like Gerry Dee’s segments on The Score and although I found meeting him in person underwhelming, I would still say I’m a fan. Part of his shtick has a passive aggressive edge to it and although that can be funny (see The Score segments) or not funny (see the car commercial with the voodoo doll) it doesn’t seem quite right for this campaign. Why? Because the Men are supposed to be Uncompromising. I suppose he actually doesn’t compromise and wear the sweater in the end but uncompromising is supposed to be derived from alpha male behaviour. I see an uncompromising ‘Alpha’ man telling his wife the sweater is not to his liking and would be better off donated to the salvation army … intact. Phrasing this appropriately so as to not offend his wife would be the mark of a true uncompromising gentleman.

Final Thoughts

Realistically as a non-whiskey drinker I’m not really the primary target market for this product so despite the fact that I won’t be buying Wisers I would expect this campaign to win over some current CC, Crown and other domestic whiskey drinkers. And, as much as I was annoyed with the Gerry Dee episode this campaign is not only really well thought out and produced, but it’s been brought up by some of my peers in unprompted conversation more than once. So,with style and impact points on the board I give it a solid A.


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December 2, 2009 at 6:43 am

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